Persons who are subject to Garda Vetting will receive a Vetting Application Form (including electronic form) from the relevant organisation where they are seeking a position.

The applicant completes the application form and returns it to the relevant organisation. He or she must sign the form, thereby providing authorisation for the Garda Vetting process.

A liaison person in the relevant organisation sends the form on to the National Vetting Bureau. Where a person applying for vetting is under 18 years of age, a declaration of consent must be made on his/her behalf by a parent or guardian of the person.

On receipt of an application for vetting disclosure in respect of a person concerning relevant work or activities, the National Vetting Bureau will make such enquiries with An Garda Síochána or a Scheduled Organisation as it deems necessary to establish whether there is any criminal record or specified information relating to the person.

A Garda Vetting disclosure is issued directly to the liaison person in the relevant organisation.

Garda vetting will only be conducted on the written consent of an individual vetting subject.

An individual vetting subject may obtain a copy of their Garda Vetting disclosure from the liaison person in the relevant organisation to whom it was issued.