Where a vetting subject disputes the detail contained in a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau, he or she may refer the issue to the National Vetting Bureau dispute process.

This process is activated by the vetting subject, who should outline the basis of his or her dispute, in writing, to the Liaison Person for the organisation who is conducting vetting. The Liaison Person then submits the complete application file to the National Vetting Bureau for further checks.

In instances where a Vetting Subject wishes to dispute any detail contained in a Garda Vetting Disclosure issued to a Liaison Person in respect of them, the following procedure should be implemented:

  1. The vetting subject should outline the exact basis of their dispute and submit it in writing to the Liaison Person.

  2. The Liaison Person should submit the report received from the vetting subject, along with the original Garda Vetting Application Form in respect of them, to the National Vetting Bureau for further checks to be conducted.

  3. If the vetting subject indicates there were errors or omissions made by them while completing the original application form, they should be requested to complete a new application form; and both the original and the new application forms should then be submitted together with the request for further checks to be conducted.

  4. If, following the result of further checks, the vetting subject still disputes any detail in the Garda Vetting Disclosure issued in respect of them, arrangements will be made for further validation procedures to be undertaken in order to resolve the matters at issue in the dispute.

  5. At the conclusion of the dispute resolution procedure, decisions in respect of the suitability of the vetting subject for a position within the Relevant Organisation are the responsibility of the Decision Maker/Decision Making committee within the Relevant Organisation concerned, and the National Vetting Bureau will have no input into any such decisions.

Please note: The dispute process relates to any information disclosed, other than specified information. The making of an appeal against disclosure of specified information is a separate process.